Jolanda Jansen

Green ---- FLAT_land__04 - Delft ---



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Apple green, blue green, pale green, ever green, luxurious green, Lime Green, Spring Green, Sea Green, Dark Green, Olive Green, bright green, mint green, brilliant green, leaf green, palm green, mint leaf green, mist green, moss green, pale mint green, pastel green, pistachio green, spray green, Wedgewood green and willow green.

A performance with movements and music at the entrance of the Zwaluw flat. The lyrics are sang and spoken by myself.

Traces of Green

The performance took 15 minutes.
To clean the performance, it took 2 days, 1 pressure sprayer I had to hire, a few phone calls from the angry building cooperation Woonbron, some happy flat owners who liked the green colour. There were also people who really didn’t understand why you should make a green mess and than clean it, but they were happy to help me a bit. A lot of people were angry about the mess in the flat building. I have to say that especially the smell in the hallway and star well were very bad. I think my performance triggered them to complain about this mess. Because I was cleaning in the hallway I spoke many people about this problem. They pay to let the building be cleaned but it is not done properly. This doesn’t help the living conditions for this lower social living area. After four months the whole flat building will be demolished to rebuild a new one. They made this master plan for this area but I really doubt it.






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