Jolanda Jansen

Nervous  ------

DAI (Enschede) & Felix Kubin (Hamburg) & ResonanceFM (London) present BIMRAB & BODY MAPPING, a laboratory with workshops leading to an event & radio broadcast in which more then 20 postgraduate art students collaborate, mingle, meet, co-produce, confront and finally fuse.
This project consists of two parts: one part comprises several performances and an exhibition of mixed media works based on sounds and images of the human body. The second one is the production of a life radio programme related to the subject of the exhibition. The mental and acoustic/electromagnetic "spaces" of both radio and exhibition are to mix and interact. The exhibition took place at artists initiative W139.

My contribution is a live action/ performance called: ‘Nervous’, made in collaboration with Idan Hayosh. During this live performance there is a video projected on a wall. The fluorescent-lamps in the room are connected to speakers with contact-microphones. The sounds and the lights in the room react on the sounds and lights of the space in the video. The space in the video is the second floor of Balengebouw in Roombeek Enschede. This space we used for working and developing our projects.The stills and video are not a registration of the actual action, but they are part of the video we projected on the wall.

The duration of the video is 1.41 minutes.


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