Jolanda Jansen

Performance 2.1   ------

September 2007

The video is a registration of a live performance.

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From Me to You to Me again.

I surround me with you, the camera is the eye and you all look at the image of the camera. The eye comes close to me and then I turn it close to you, so you look at your image.
I give the camera to you and the eye changed minds, so you look at your image trough the camera.

The camera has a powerful eye that makes you notice, also when you have the ability to use the camera.


On the one hand, the system is “open”: if I turn on myself I make myself vulnerable, make myself available to a viewer.
On the other hand, the system is “closed”: if I both start and end the action, I’m circling myself up in myself, I’ve turned myself into a self-enclosed object: The viewer is left outside, the viewer is put in a position of a voyeur.
Vitto Acconci

(Theories and Documents of Contemporary Art, A Sourcebook of Artists’ Writings, page 763)