Jolanda Jansen


Performance Lab

Performance Lab initiates projects. In these projects, a different group of artists is invited each time to work under the eye of the public within a given context and period of time. The focus is on social interaction, group dynamics, experimentation and, possibly, audience participation. The projects are developed in collaboration with artists' initiatives, festivals, art institutions and other organizations.

Performance Art
Initially, Performance Lab comprised monthly encounters in Amsterdam between artists from various disciplines, focusing on experiments with performance and performative situations in different locations. The focus was on social interaction, group dynamics and experiments. These monthly experimental encounters logically evolved into Performance Lab_open to the public, with experiments becoming performances before the viewers' eyes. This happened during the 'The City as Theatre' festival in Zwolle in 2005, and in May 2006 during the Kunstvlaai art fair in Amsterdam. In addition, Mariëlle Videler tries to lend a broader meaning to Performance Lab's conception, giving workshops intended for the general public as well as professionals, and accessible presentations on performance art.

Mariëlle Videler (b. 1970) is an Amsterdam-based visual artist. To her, art is a means of creating encounters with and between people. The purpose of such an encounter is to establish a connection between one body and another, an exchange of energy and behavioural patterns - in a quest for the original starting point, the transitional phase in which all are equal.  

'I do not believe that I can create an exclusively positive world, as everything is both positive and negative. What I can do is influence the intention of the people around me. An intense encounter creates a spiritual experience and may cause you to reconsider your views and behaviour. My fascination with 'the human being' is the common trait in all my work, to which the body and sensory experiences are central. I prefer the physical presence of a receiver and a transmitter, hence my increasing focus on performance art.'

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