Jolanda  Jansen  ___________________________________________  //                                                            

Perseverance #1, video installation 45 x 45 x 80, Raw Art Fair Expo

Perseverance #3, video installation 80 x 45 x 45

Perseverance #4, video installation 45 x 45 x 160

Exhibition Witzenhausen Gallery New York


Two Soli_ 11 Floorpiece, video

Two Soli_ 3, Men's Toilet, video

Exhibition overview Boekhorststraat 139 The Hague

Art & Science Nijmegen, video installation

Projections Lange Dwars Gouda

Cruches #4, Male or Female, Raw Art Fair Rotterdam

Cleaning up traces of family, CREATurE Live Art Festival Lithuania

Interpersonal Distance II, Play in the Dark, Playful Arts Festival 2014 ‘s-Hertogenbosch

Performance_ 12 Interpersonal Distance, Installation Performance, Residency Unlimited New York

Performance_ 12 Interpersonal Distance, Residency Unlimited New York

Interpersonal Distance II, Van Abbe Museum Eindhoven

Interpersonal Distance II, Kunstnacht Nijmegen

Performance_ 11, Hoogtij#29, Boekhorststraat 139, The Hague

Performance_ 12a, Chocolate, Galerie Nasty Alice, Eindehoven

Performance_ 9
, K_nst Vl__. 2010

Performance_ 8.1
, De Hoeksteen Live, Salto TV, Amsterdam

Performance Opening Underground Network STeC

Performance RAW Expo, Rotterdam

Performance Perseverance #2 - Art Crumbles Nijmegen