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I added my work to You Tube,
(by mentor’s advice)

but I was in doubt.
I decided that it could be an interesting experiment.

One day I got 59 e-mails,
My work was discovered by Porn Channels.
The next moment two video’s were removed due to validation. I could not enter my channel for two weeks nor remove my other video’s.

I got 10.965 viewers, 138 subscribers, 219 invitations for friendship 34 reactions and 411 e-mails.

This wasn’t what struck me.

Between the porn subscribers I came along a lot of teen video collectors.

I decided to turn this into a project in which I share what I saw from my sight.


                                                                                                   Jolanda Jansen

Presentation K_nst Vl__. 2010 - Westergasfabriek - Amsterdam   ------

May 2010





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