Jolanda Jansen

FLAT_land__06 - collaboration with Hetty Krapels - Process ---


investigation and research
working at night and sleeping

waking up and breaking trough


clean, a break and start again

it is becomming a mess but there is a nice beamer shelve

nervous system and people because of problems

the last inhabitnants and the last work

things are getting into shape


Hetty Krapels and Jolanda Jansen
Multimedea installation in apartment 654. The basic elements for this installation are 3 video’s. One made by each artist and one made together. In total they form a dialogue between the mind and the body, about connecting and disconnecting. We will create an ongoing experience that moves itself between the 3 environments in which the video’s are placed, just like trough a nervous system.

Hetty Krapels LETTING GO For my own installation in flatnumber 654, I want to try to combine my audiovisual background with my very private personal experiences of the last year: This installation will be the starting point of a larger audiovisual creative, poetic portrait I want to make of my mother and our disturbed relationship including her loss of memory caused by Alzheimer. The question I ask myself is whether I will be able to interpretate the world she is now living in, including her own awareness of this world becoming smaller and smaller in a subtle but relentless moving way. Through this installation I will also bring my mother back to her place of birth and youth: Delft! www

Jolanda Jansen SELF I am fascinated in the relation between observer and object; the conflicts in relations trough media like video and photography, right trough the eye of the lens. That is why my video’s deal around the private and public. For this video installation I inhabited the apartment with my body and did several researches in the space that concluded in a very intimate, somehow obscure relationship with ‘the self’.

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