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                                                                                                   Jolanda Jansen

Research in the conditioning_ Pulchri_ Den Haag -----

This installation is a collection out of different investigations. In my work lately I am doing more research towards abstraction, both in form and in content.
The shape of the installation is an investigation in how to create a new solution in projecting on a surface and in such a manner that the projectors are part of the installation. If you walk around the installation you could interpret the space differently. There is a front and a back, both are interesting to me. There is a contrast between the soft natural shape and the unpretentious metal construction.

Content wise I did a research in actions that are simple but soon to be given meaning, by our conditioning of interpreting images. I, For example, have made a recording of my hand that shows the alphabet, but people give more emotional meaning to hand gestures by rapid comparisons and conclusions from the experiences we have with image. Hand gestures also have a strong connotation and play easy with our emotional mind.
Other research with actions for video; balance a wooden plank on my back against the wall, licking a glass window.

In my life performance I am doing research with paper and bodily actions to transform the paper in a more natural state. To crumble, crease and rip the paper with the hands, to stamp and crush the paper by the feet, to chew and bite the paper with the mount. This I do together with charcoal, also consisting out of wood but totally opposite quality's. Paper is made from a natural material, but a white sheet is so smooth and in the same time fragile. Charcoal is much more present and stronger.

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