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                                                                                                   Jolanda Jansen

Curriculum Vitae  ------



            2005-2007     Dutch Art Institute at Enschede
                                 Post graduate research and practice in Art                
            2000-2005     Royal Academy of Art The Hague
                                 Fine art, 3D


            IPA Bristol_ Where Performance Happens_ Bristol_ UK
            P.A.S. Performance Art Studies_ # 35 | resistance_ Kaunas_ Lithuania
            Zierle&Carter and Dagmar I. Glausnitzer_ Berlin_ Germany
            'Performance Art Meets Urban Diversity'_ workshop with Ingo Keil and Charlie Citron_ Artots_ Den Bosch


           Exhibitions and Projects

WIPAW_ Warsaw International Performance Art Weekend_ Poland
But Filmfestival_ Breda_ performance
Pulchri_ Den Haag_ installation and performance
Rondje Kunst_ Statenkwartier_ Den Haag_ long durational performance
Flam VI_ Dansmakers_ Amsterdam_ performance group
Rotterdam Museum Night_ Breaking & Making Routines_ Goethe Institute_ performance


Ruimtevaart_ DDDD_ Brouwersgracht 2_ video
Arnolfini _ Bristol_ UK_
solo performance
Castle Park_ Bristol_ UK_
Duo performance with Andrea Greenwood
Pictura_ Performancefestival with traces_ Dordrecht_
Cel 32_ Berlin_ Germany_
NordArt_ Carlshütte Büdelsdorf, Germany_
Performance Art Festival The Hague_ curator and organization_


Playfull Arts Festival_ 's-Hertogenbosch_ performance
Galerie Nasty Alice_ 'SEX'_ Nijmegen_ video and performance

CREATurE Live Art Festival_ Kaunas_ Lithuania_ performance
P.A.S. Performance Art Studies_ # 35 | resistance_ Kaunas_ Lithuania
RAW Art fair_ Rotterdam_ video installation
Witzenhausengallery_ Amsterdam_ video installation
Witte Slagerij_ Rotterdam_ video installation and performance


Van AbbeMuseum_ Nijmegen_ Young Art Night_ performance
Galerie Nasty Alice_ Nijmegen_ performance
OutLINE__ Amsterdam_ performance
Kunstnacht__ Nijmegen_ performance
Art Meets Science__ Radboud Universiteit_ Art Crumbles _ Nijmegen _ video installation and performance
Match__ bART_ project of matching outside your comfort zone_ Den Bosch, Eindhoven, Breda
Lights in the Good Luck Garage__ RAW artfair_ Rotterdam_ video
Residency Unlimited__ New York_ USA_ residency and performance
Witzenhausengallery__ New York_ USA_ solo with performance


Art Miami__ Miami_ USA_ two video Presentations
Primo Piano Livingallery__ Lecce Italy_ Our Future Imagined_ international video art
Art Crumbles__ Nijmegen_ video installation and performance
Incubate_ Tilburg_ video-installation
Scope_ Basel_ Switzerland_ video
Metamorfose 3_ Stichting Ruimtevaart_ The Hague_ installation
Extrapool_ Diverse Universe_ Nijmegen_ Performance Art Festival_ performance
Hoogtij #29__ BH139_ The Hague_ duo presentation with Sanne Maes_ performance and video installations
Oisterwijk Sculptuur__ Oisterwijk_ performance and video installation
Witzenhausengallery__ Amsterdam_ 'Solitude'_ solo presentation_ video installations
PAEkort #5 __ Performance Art Event_ Rotterdam_ performance during RAW art
RAW Artfair__ Rotterdam_ RAW EXPO_ video_ video-installation


Hoogtij__ BINKVIJFHOOG_ The Hague_ ‘Linked’_ artist initiative STeC_ installation and performance
Incubate__ Filmfoyer Theaters_ Tilburg_ video screening
Galerie Lange Dwars__ Gouda_ ‘Perserverance #1/#2’_ performance and video projections

Cremers 330Live__ The Hague_ ‘8 visual showcases’_ screening
Artots__ Den Bosch_ ‘Kunststof’_ performance
Het Paard van Troje__ The Hague_ ‘Antilounge’_ video

Gouda bij Kunstlicht__ Gouda_ videoprojection on location during lightfestival
Artots__ Den Bosch_ 'Performance weekend'_ live performance
Kunstvlaai 2010__ Westergasfabriek_ Amsterdam_ artist initiative STeC_ installation and performance
Galerie Roodbol__ Gouda_ 'Linked'_ video screening and performance

Kunstenaars & Co__ Amsterdam_ 'Mentoring'_ mentor Ulay
Verkade Fabriek__ Den Bosch'Performance Art Meets Urban Diversity'_ workshop with Ingo Keil and Charlie Citron_ Artots Den Bosch_ performance
Poptahof__ Delft_ ‘FLAT_land’_ multimedia installation with Hetty Krapels and performance_ cooperation between STeC_ id11 and The Dutch Art Institute
25th Jazz Festival__ Delft_ ‘Jazz Delft’_ performance with Marlijn Helder
Zenith Festival__ The Hague_ video screening during concert
Stadsschouwburg__ Amsterdam_ ‘Boekenbal’_ video projection and installation
Artots__ Den Bosch_ ‘Underground Network’, artist initiative STeC_ multimedia-installation and performance
Quartair__ The Hague_ ‘Flora en Fauna Festival’_ video installation and performance with Marlijn Helder
Villa Nuts__ The Hague_ ‘Exhibition Nutshuis’_ site specific video installation and performance with Marlijn Helder


BINK36__ The Hague_ ‘Performance_ 6. l’EAU’_ performance with pianist / composer Marlijn Helder
id11__ Delft_ ’The Temporary Residence'_ site specific work and performance_ Artists in Residence project
Videowall__ Stadsschouwburg Utrecht_ 'Gum'_ solo screening
Kunstvlaai 2008__ Amsterdam_ artist initiative STeC_ ’Processing Relations’_ installation and performance
Zenith Festival__ The Hague_ screening and 'Performance_ 4' during concert

internet__ ’Privacy Project – Little Sister versus Big Brother’_ internet project with video and photography_ about the privet and the reaction on the privet on internet

Kunstcentrum Haagweg 4__ Leiden_ Progress in Space´_ Site Specific work and performance_ artist initiative STeC 
Bink 36__ The Hague_ ‘Site et Cetera’_Site Specific work and performance_ artist initiative STeC
Lipperkerkstraat__ Enschede_ ‘Here as the centre of the world’_ a trans national research project_ DAI
Kunsthuis SYB__ Beetsterzwaag_ ‘The Expanding Pie’_ research project on economy
UrbanEspressoBar__ Rotterdam_ ‘Video and Performance’_projection of work from the workshop in 2006
Villa Noailles__ Hyères_ France_ ‘For where we are we are not’_ video
Stedelijk Museum De Lakenhal___ Scheltema__ Leiden_ ‘Brains Unlimited’_ videoportrait_ exhibition in which artists use scientific research as an inspiration
t’Hoogt__ Utrecht_‘Video and Performance'_ workshop by Lazy Mary with artist Mariëlle Videler_ video screening
Gasometer Oberhausen__ Germany_ ‘DAIRO’_ a live performance/concert of portable radio’s_ with Resonance FM
Nan-Hai Gallery__ Taipei_ Taiwan_ ‘Here as the centre of the world’_ installation and performance_ a trans national research project
Kunstvlaai 2006__ Amsterdam_ curated by Lisette Smits
Babel__ Utrecht_ ‘Project Projector’_ installation_ by art initiative De Zesde
PlanetArt__ Enschede_ ‘BIMRAP’_ performance during group exhibition from the project in 2005


Cinema Kriterion__ Amsterdam_ ‘Fourth Open Screen Night’_ video screening_ by art initiative Abunchofpeople_ together with the entertainment company English Casting
W139__ Amsterdam_‘BIMRAP’_ DAI workshop with Felix Kubin and Resonance FM_ presentation with performances and exhibition
’t Hoogt__ Utrecht_‘Cinematiek #9’_ video screening_ initiated by Lazy Marie
de Vliegtoren__ Nootdorp_‘The Short Digital Video Festival in The Hague’_ video screening_ initiated by artist collaboration Luxus_ the experts were: André Bijma_ Anne Wellmer_ Hester Scheurwater_ Roel Arkensteijn and Ingrid Rollema

KABK__ The Hague_ ‘Stake your claim’

Oerol__ Terschelling_ ‘Vers Bloed’_ installation_ a collaboration between students of different academy in Holland


2013 Mondriaan Fund
2012 Stroom Spot individual exhibition
2011 Stroom Spot Documentation
2005 An allowance for college expenses from 'Het Kolfschoten fonds' in The Hague
2004 An allowance for college expenses from 'Het Kolfschoten fonds' in The Hague
2004 An allowance for college expenses from 'Betsy Perk Opleidingsfonds' in The Hague

              Funding Group exhibition
Stroom Den Haag_ Fonds 1818_ Stokroos_ Broedplaatsen subsidie Gemmeente Den Haag_ Gemeente Den Bosch


2014 ‘Jegens en Tevens’, internet blog
2013 ‘Performance Jolanda Jansen’, Dutch Art Monkeys
2013 ‘In Performance’, Contemporary Performance, NY
2013 ‘Perserving in Solitude’, Psychology Tomorrow, NY
2012 ‘ChmKoome’s blog
2012 ‘Jegens en Tevens’, internet blog
2012 'Oisterwijk Sculptuur', Brabands Dagblad
2012 'Sculptuur in Oisterwijk', Tableau article
2012 'Raw Expo', Mister Motley
2012 'What's up magazine, special edition'_ RAW Expo Rotterdam_ catalogue
2012 'Raw Art Fair - Dag 1 - Geweren, mariniers, eierwekkers en klei',  Gonzo (circus)
2011 'Videobeelden in de Lange Dwarsstraat', De Krant van Gouda
2010 'Dierlijke mensenlichamen in een oude steenhouwerij', Tubelight
2009 'Here as the cenjter of the world'_ a trans national research project_ DAI
2009 Flat_land by STeC and id11
2008 NRC_ review_ ’Heren Toilet’_ 08-05-08
2007 ‘Out of Mind and Body’_ with an interview by the performance and photographic artist Ulay about my work

               Additionally function
creative organizer Performance Site The Hague
Initiator of the artist initiative STeC