25th May till 11th June

Solyanka is one of the most known Moscow's new cultural institutions focused on art that moves (performance, artists films, animation and kinetic sculpture). We reach out to the brightest audience Moscow has to offer - using the language of the most exciting international art, from Marina Abramovic, Vito Acconci, and Gelitin in performance, Francis Alÿs, Sigalit Landau, and AES+F in video, Andrey Tarkovsky, Sergey Paradzhanov and Tonino Guerra in film to Yuri Norshtein, Hayao Miyazaki and Bill Plympton in animaton. Solyanka's curatorial team managed to put together a number of important international solo and group shows (some of them went touring after premiering at Solyanka) including works by Tehching Hsieh, Jeremy Deller, Sam Taylor-Wood, Slater Bradley, and Vik Muniz.


                                                                                                   Jolanda Jansen

Recent Work   ------


Solyanka VPA video performance animation Moscow

From 21th till 30th May I am in Moscow for my solo exhibition, performances and artist
talk in Solyanka Gallery.
The exhibition, devoted to the work of the Dutch artist will be presented in the space of 
 State Gallery at Solyanka from 25 May to 11 June. At the exhibition visitors
will be able to see the installation, photo and video documentation of how the very early
and very recent works of the artist. The opening will be accompanied by a three-day live
performance cycle.

CURATOR : Margarita Osepyan
WHEN : from May 25 to June 11, 2017 
LOG : Ticketing 
qualification : 18+

Performances Solyanka Gallery

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